Microblading has put other brow treatments in the shade since hitting our streets! We started this treatment in our salon in October 2016 and have watched it grow.

We are still in complete awe of this amazing art. Our in-house Microblader, Charlene, perfected her art over nine months. This is quite fast in the world of Microblading as this skill can take years to perfect. But she is very artistic which helped enormously.

The reason why Microblading is now the leading eyebrow treatment here, the USA and other countries, is because it looks so realistic, you cannot tell by looking at someone that their brows have been under the blade.

Microblading is a work of art and requires complete artistic skill. There is a lot to consider before Microblading commences, which is why so much time is spent deciding on shape and colour to suit the client. From a microbladers perspective, they have to think about the client’s skin, their tone, the thickness of the skin, the symmetry of the face, as most people are not symmetrical, just to name a few of the considerations. The treatment is completed in two sessions 4-6 weeks apart. We do this to allow the skin to completely heal. The second treatment is where the brows are perfected. Microblading lasts for 12-18 months possibly longer.

Microblading also requires trust! From the client to trust their microblader that he or she will deliver the look they long for and the microblader to trust the client that they have complete faith in them and will work with them to nail that look! When a client comes into our salon we all sign up for team work. We work together and the outcome is happy customer = happy Team Mon Amie 珞

When deciding on a salon for Microblading, you should always ask to see the salons certificate which qualifies them to perform this treatment. You should also ask to see insurance document. Always always ask to see examples of their work if you haven’t seen any online ie, website, Facebook or Instagram or the absolute best, a recommendation!! how else are you going to know their standard of work. We see a lot of people who’ve had Microblading from inexperienced technicians and we can tell you they were not happy..

Correcting someone else’s work is not always possible as anything we add may just make the problem worse. We always ask to see photos or better still pop in and see us in person.

Microblading is life changing we are told by our clients. Many have endured loss of their brows for years due to over plucking, ageing or illness. Microblading is suitable for almost everyone. Male or female can now enjoy not having to worry about the most important feature of their face. The eyebrows frame your face. Without them your look is
incomplete. That’s why people spend so much time in the morning drawing them on. No need for this tedious task anymore ladies and gents..

If you want to know more just give us a call and we will be happy to help.