Body Massage

Aromatherapy has healing effects on the body, the combination of massage and the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of the essential oils are absorbed through the skin. Aromatherapy massage can soothe, revitalise and uplift the spirit, boost the immune system and increase general well-being enabling the body to heal itself.

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage (30 minutes) £42.00 A back, neck and shoulder massage.
Back, Neck and Shoulder massage (45 minutes) £50.00 A back, neck and shoulder massage.

Foot and leg massage (30 minutes) £35.00
Using warm towels to relax and soothe the feet, the legs and feet are then massaged to soothe away aches pains and tired legs.

Full Body Massage (60 minutes) £70.00
An hour of pure bliss. This head to toe massage is deeply relaxing tailored to suit your individual needs. After a welcoming ritual, the essential oil is warmed and applied using soothing massage techniques and carefully applied pressures. After this full body massage, all signs of stress and fatigue are soothed away.


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