Hands and feet

Acrylic/SNS/Dipping Powder/Gel extensions (Full set)

Natural finish (60 minutes) £60
French finish (70 minutes) £65

Your nails are lengthened using sculpting forms or tips where necessary. Acrylic or Gel is then applied, your beautiful enhancements are then finished with polish or gloss.

SNS/Dipping powder

Colour(1h) £45.50
French(1h) £51.50

Hard gel/Acrylic OVERLAYS & InfIlls (60 minutes) £45

Acrylic or Gel is thinly applied to your own nails to add strength. They are then smoothed and finished with polish or buffed to a shine.

Manicures and Hand Treatments

File & polish (15 minutes) £18
Nails are shaped, lightly buffed and polished with the colour of your choice from our wide selection of varnishes.

Spa Manicure (50 minutes) £42

A revitalising ritual to awake your skins natural glow. Includes file, shape, cuticle treatment, buffing, exfoliation with scents that will invigorate your senses, hand and arm massaged before finally applying varnish of your choice.

Luxury Spa Manicure (70 minutes) £54

This treatment will leave your hands feeling exquisitely soft and silky smooth. Using all the elements of our Spa Manicure, a luxurious mask finish with traditional varnish is applied before being placed in warm mittens. Your varnish of choice is expertly applied to buffed nails.

Gel Manicure (60 minutes) £35 add £5 for French

We use Shellac, Bio Scultpure and OPI. We apply a base coat, colour coat and top coat. Your nails will remain chip free and high glossed for up to 2 weeks. This treatment is removable in 10 minutes simply by soaking. (We charge £5 to remove existing Gel product)

IBX Strengthening System (25 minutes) £30

This is the latest technology in natural nail treatments. IBX is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth. This treatment works by toughening the upper layers of the nail plate allowing the nail to grow healthy and strong. Really good news for flakey, weak, brittle, split prone nails. Works really well under polish or Shellac/Gel Polish.


Gel Polish add on £12
Nail Repair from £8.50
Gel removal £15
Acrylic/builder Gel removal £30
IBX add on £12
Plexigel (single coat for added strength) £10


Mini Pedicure (30 minutes) £33.50

Nails are filed, shaped, cuticles tidied, the nails are then buffed and polished with your choice of colour.

Spa Pedicure (60 minutes) £45.50

This treatment will leave your feet feeling incredibly soft, light and smooth. Nails are filed, shaped, cuticles are tidied, trimmed, hard skin and callouses gently sloughed away. Skin is then exfoliated with with an uplifting sea salt scrub. Legs and feet are then massaged using a beautifully fragrant light oil. Your nails are then polished to a glass finish.

Luxury Spa Pedicure (85 minutes) £58.50

This treatment uses all the elements of our Spa Pedicure with nourishing and conditioning benefits, the perfect way to relax tired legs and aching feet. Paraffin wax or or a luxurious mask is applied before a stress eliminating massage on legs and feet is performed.

Medical Pedicure (70 minutes) £60

This is a medical grade pedicure which treat hard callouses, thick cracked heals and fungal problems. Feet are left callous free, smooth and beautiful.

Gel on Toes (60 min) £43.50 *add £3 for French

This power polish will last up to 5 weeks on toes, it is perfect for holidays and flip flops. This chip free high gloss polish will stay looking fresh. Nails are filed, shaped and cuticles tidied. Shellac is then applied to perfection. Shoes can be worn immediately after this treatment with no chance of smudging.


Add £5 for French
Gel Polish Removal £15
Toe nail repairs (we specialise in repairing broken nails or sculpting lost toe nails) from £12
Gel Polish add on £12


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