*Patch testing required for all treatments 24 hours before.

It’s true! The eyes are mirrors to our souls! It’s amazing what a difference it can make to our appearance when made up with mascara and eye makeup. It’s every girl’s, and some boy’s dream to wake up looking dewy-eyed and beautiful every morning without even getting out of bed. Now, thanks to treatments such as LVL and eyelash extensions we can. Our looks are anything from subtle, which suit men and women to the more dramatic catwalk looks. At Mon Amie, we are so passionate about eyelash extensions and LVL, we spend all day creating gorgeous lash looks coming out of Reigate. You will love our eyelash extensions, they are very comfortable to wear and will continue to look amazing until your rebalance. We eat, sleep and breathe lashes. If you love lashes as much as we do and would like to experience the best (this is what our clients tell us, by the way) in Surrey you need to become a Mon Amie friend. We are a phone call away, you won’t look back.

Eyelash Extensions

We are experts in the world of eyelash extensions. We have over six years experience in creating the most enviable lashes.

We are the proud partners of Nouveau Lash, the leading Lash brand in the UK.

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* All eye treatments require patch testing 24 hours before appointment
* A deposit will be required on all full sets
* We recommend 2-3 week rebalancing

Full set Classic lashes with Donna 120 mins – £85-£95
Full set Classic lashes with Eyelash Technician 120 mins – £75-£85
Full set Russian/Volume 120-150 mins – £95-£110
Full set Hybrid lashes 120-150 mins – £95-£110
Full set lower lashes 30-45 mins – £45
Party/Express lashes 40 mins – £45
Outer corner (top or lower) 30 mins – £35


Infill Classic lashes 2 – 3 weeks 60 mins – £38.50
Infill Classic lashes 90 mins – £50
Infill Russian Volume lashes 60 mins – £45
Infill Russian Volume lashes 90 mins – £60
Infill Hybrid lashes 60 mins – £45
Infill Hybrid lashes 90 mins – £60

Removal of lashes 20 mins – £15


This is a revolutionary treatment created by Nouveau Lash. The treatment will lift your own lashes so that they are more visible creating the illusion of longer thicker lashes. This is a great treatment for people who want that false lash look without having to wear extensions. LVL lasts for 6-8 weeks. Mascara and make up may be applied after 24 hours.

*Patch testing required 24 hours before this treatment

LVL 50 – 60 mins – £50

*Patch testing required 24 hours before this treatment


Eyelash tint £20
Eyebrow tint £15


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