Microblading – £285

Microblading in Surrey

Are your eyebrows thin, gappy, over-plucked or non-existent? Ladies and gentlemen, look no further.. Microblading has arrived! Microblading is an ancient technique from Asia, originally referred to as eyebrow embroidery, to create semi-permanent eyebrows.

At Mon Amie, Reigate, Surrey, we have been patiently waiting for a brow treatment that would put all other brow treatments in the shade. This technique not only looks like real hair but it lasts for 12-18 months.

Our Microblading Story

A friend of ours came back from Cyprus with her eyebrows freshlyMicrobladed and asked if we do that treatment. The answer was no, but when we saw Alina’s beautiful brows we knew we had finally found the semi-permanent eyebrow treatment we have been looking for. We immediately set about finding the best course and sent one of our therapists on the training.

Your Microblading Journey

We will send you out a patch test in the post. This must be performed at least 48 hours before treatment commences. Before your treatment, you will be given an in depth consultation with your Microblading Technician. She will help you decide on the shape, style and colour of your brows. You will learn about the process your eyebrows will be put through. It may well be that you would like a completely new design, a re-shape, fill in gaps or simply to top up existing Microbladed brows. By the end of the consultation you will have a crystal clear idea of what your new brows will look like.

The finished look

After completion of your Microblading treatment, expect your eyebrows to look darker than discussed in the consultation. The reason for this is that the skin will be going through its natural healing process. It may form a scab to protect the exposed epidermis. In about 10 days time you will notice that your brows will fade considerably. When you return for your touch up that will complete the treatment and when they begin to fade they will look like real hairs.

On the day of your appointment –

No exercise
No Alcohol
No Caffeine


Wipe your brows with cotton wool and tepid water to remove dust and dirt 3 times daily and then apply the cream provided to your new brows to protect skin.


No sunbathing or sun beds
No workouts that will make you sweat
No makeup on brows
No cream/oil other than cream provided
No picking, itching, rubbing or touching



Q How long does it last?

12-18 months

Q Does it hurt?

Most people say it feels like a light scratching sensation on the skin. On a scale of 1-10 it will feel like 4 without anaesthetic and 0 with anaesthetic.

Q Do you use anaesthetic?

Yes we do

Q Can it go wrong?

No, your brows are drawn on before so we can agree shape & colour

Q How soon will I need a to return for my top up?

4-6 weeks after initial treatment

Q What can I expect immediately after treatment?

You won’t experience pain, you will be aware of your brows but they won’t hurt. The following days may feel a little tender but nothing major.


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